If you or your team need project management coaching and mentoring services, PMC’s top-notch and seasoned professionals offer assistance in person or remotely. Our experts’ project management experience makes for an effective coaching process that will give you the best tools to overcome challenges and maintain control of your projects.

Our coaches and trainers are certified Agile

Our project management coaching experts are specialist in Agile; they can give you valuable tools and resources to improve your organizational performance with this adaptive value-driven approach.

Commonly applied in work environments with often changing priorities and requirements, Agile delivers projects in an iterative, incremental, and interactive manner. PMC’s experienced Agile practitioners and coaches can help you realize an Agile transformation by assessing your Agile organizational maturity, selecting optimal tools, and developing, adopting, adapting or scaling Agile practices including Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP, SAFe®, DAD, and LeSS.


Waterfall project management coaching

Waterfall Project Management relies on a structured and process-driven approach to delivering projects based on fixed requirements in a structured, controlled, and phased manner. Waterfall Project Management is commonly applied in work environments with stable priorities and requirements.

PMC’s experienced project managers can help you develop and customize best practices for project planning, scope, schedule, cost and risk management, project leadership and communications, and more.

Our flexible coaching is adapted to your work environment to help you implement, improve and optimize project management methodologies like Agile and Waterfall. We are dedicated to boost your competency development with the intention of reaching your goals and improving performance. Nothing makes our project management coaching and mentoring experts prouder than improving an organization’s effectiveness and ensuring the success of our clients.

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