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Oracle® Primavera®

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PMC first attained status as a Primavera Authorized Training organization in 1997. We have since taught thousands of individuals in Primavera products, including Primavera P6, Primavera Contract Management (formerly “Expedition”), Primavera Risk Management (formerly PertMaster), as well as Primavera legacy tools P3, SureTrak.

Why choose us ? 

First, we know Primavera!  Not only are we an Oracle certified specialist in Primavera P6 EPPM, we’ve also been implementing Primavera software across a wide variety of industries since 1995, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Government and Defense
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining
  • Power, Energy and Process
  • Transportation
  • Information Technology
Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals R15
Primavera 102(3days / 19.5PDUs)
  • In class (Ottawa), and online, live instructor-led - in English
  • In class (Montreal) - in French with English materials
  • Duration:3days
  • PDUs:19.5
  • Level:Suggested Prerequisites

Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals Rel 15

Duration: 3 Days

What you will learn

This Primavera P6 Professional training leads you through the entire project life cycle, from planning to execution. You'll develop a thorough understanding of how to plan and schedule.

Learn To:

Create and schedule a project. Assign resources.

Adjust the project schedule. Execute and control the project. Add activities.

Benefits to You

Enrolling in this course will help you understand P6 Professional’s basic features and functionalities so you can apply them to your organization’s project management processes. You'll also learn how to manage projects on time and within budget to ensure optimal outcomes from capital and resource investments.

Explore Project Management Fundamentals

All workshops and instruction stress the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resources and costs. At the end of each day, you'll apply the concepts and functionality you learned in a case study. The course is divided into three sections: Creating a Project; Scheduling the Project; Project Execution and Control.

Use P6 Professional

The course uses P6 Professional, Primavera's Windows-based, client/server application. It is appropriate for those using P6 Professional either as a stand-alone application or as part of P6 EPPM.

Continuing Education Units

Professional Development and Continuing Education Units:

Earns 19.5 PDUs. Please note that this course uses the P6 Optional Client (Windows-based client).


Business Analysts

End Users

Functional Implementer Project Manager

Course Objectives

  • Create a project
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure Add activities 
  • View calendars 
  • Create relationships 
  • Schedule the project 
  • Assign constraints 
  • Format schedule data 
  • Define roles and resources 
  • Assign roles 
  • Assign resources 
  • Analyze resources 
  • Optimize the project plan 
  • Execute the project 
  • Create reports 
  • Understand data structures

Course Topics

Understanding P6 Data

  • Describing Enterprise and Project-Specific data Logging In
  • Opening an Existing Project 
  • Opening and Customizing Layouts

Enterprise Project Structure

  • Describing Components of EPS

Creating a Project

  • Create a project
  • Navigating in the Projects Window 
  • Viewing Project Details

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

  • Defining a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Creating the WBS Hierarchy

Adding Activities

  • Describing an Activity and its Components
  • Describing Activity Types
  • Adding Activities 
  • Adding a Notebook Topic 
  • Adding Steps to an Activity 
  • Assigning Activity Codes

Creating Relationships

  • Viewing a Network Logic
  • Diagram Relationship Types
  • Creating Relationships


  • Performing a Forward and Backward Pass
  • Describing Float

Assigning Constraints

  • Applying an Overall Deadline to a Project
  • Apply a Constraint to an Activity

Using Reflection Projects

  • Creating a Reflection Project
  • Merging Changes

Formatting Schedule Data

  • Grouping Activities Sorting
  • Filtering

Roles and Resources

  • Describing Roles and Resources
  • Viewing Dictionaries

Assigning Roles

  • Assigning Roles to an Activity
  • Assign Rates on Roles

Assigning Resources

  • Assigning Resources
  • Adjusting Budgeted Units/Time

Analyzing Resources

  • Displaying the Resource Usage Profile

Optimizing the Project Plan

  • Analyzing Schedule Dates
  • Shortening a Project Schedule
  • Analyzing Resource Availability

Baselining the Project Plan

  • Creating a Baseline Plan
  • Display Baseline Bars on the Gantt Chart

Project Execution and Control

  • Describing Methods for Updating the Schedule
  • Using Progress Spotlight
  • Statusing Activities 
  • Rescheduling the Project

Reporting Performance

  • Describing Reporting Methods
  • Running a Schedule Report 
  • Creating a report with the Report Wizard






Primavera P6 Professional Advanced Rel. 15
Primavera 106(2days / 13.0PDUs)
  • In class (Ottawa), and online, live instructor-led - in English
  • In class (Ottawa), and online, live instructor-led - in English
  • Duration:2days
  • PDUs:13.0
  • Level:Advanced

Primavera P6 Professional Advanced R15

Duration: 2 Days

What you will learn

This Primavera P6 Professional Advanced R15 training teaches you about resource management topics like manual allocation, bucket planning and leveling. Project management topics include earned value analysis, advanced scheduling and creating timescaled logic diagrams via Visualizer.

Learn To:

Use bucket planning.

Use resource leveling.

Use earned value analysis.

Calculate percent complete.

Calculate multiple float paths.

Analyze resource usage.

Benefits to You

Understand P6 Professional’s advanced resource and project management functionality so you can make improved decisions when managing your projects. You'll learn how to manage resources effectively to maximize investment and use advanced project management techniques to ensure maximum return on investment.

Continuing Education Units

Professional Development and Continuing Education Units:

13 PDUs. Please note that this course uses the P6 Optional Client (Windows based client)


Business Analysts

End Users

Functional Implementer

Project Manager

Related Training

Required Prerequisites

Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of P6 Professional

Basic project management knowledge

Course Objectives

  • Use the Assignments window
  • Assign cost accounts
  • Analyze resources
  • Bucket planning
  • Level resources
  • Use earned value
  • Analyze resources and roles
  • Calculate percent complete
  • Use advanced scheduling technqiues
  • Use timescaled logic diagrams

Course Topics

Using Earned Value Analysis

  • Calculating Planned Value Cost
  • Calculating Actual Cost
  • Calculating Earned Value Cost
  • Measuring Performance Percent Complete

Managing Multiple Projects

  • Opening Multiple Projects
  • Setting the Default Project

Analyzing Resources and Roles

  • Using the Resource Usage Profile
  • Using the Resource Usage Spreadsheet

Manually Allocating Resources

  • Viewing the Assignments Window
  • Viewing and Editing Allocation

Using Bucket Planning

  • Editing Future Buckets
  • Using Curves

Leveling Resources

  • Setting Leveling Options
  • Leveling Based on Priority

Advanced Scheduling

  • Multiple Float Paths
  • Calendar Effect on Lag
  • Scheduling Out-of-Sequence Activities

Using Primavera Visualizer

  • Choosing a Template
  • Creating Timescaled Logic Diagrams
  • Customizing the Gantt Chart




PMC can help you deploy best-in-class PPM methodologies, be they Agile, Classic, PRINCE2 or a hybrid model adapted to your needs.


Our experts can guide you in the implementation of PPM solutions.

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