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Microsoft Project®

Introduction to Microsoft Project 2013
MSP 101(1day / 14.0PDUs)
  • In class (Ottawa), and online, live instructor-led - in English
  • Duration:1day
  • PDUs:14.0


Project Managers/Coordinators, Project Control Officers, Team Leaders/Members


Participants will learn to effectively manage a project by gaining hands-on experience in applying the essential features of Microsoft Project 2013.


Participants will interactively use Microsoft Project while observing in parallel the instructor-led live demonstrations while referencing course material in completing structured exercises.


Module 1:Project User Interface

  • Project launch
  • Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  • Status bar     
  • Backstage/Ribbon
  • Timeline
  • Views  

Module 2:Project Initiating

  • Project creation
  • Project information
  • Project calendars      
  • Project options
  • Project save/export
  • Project import/close

Module 3:Project Planning - Tasks

  • Task overview and outline
  • Task information and notes
  • Task calendar management
  • Task constraint and deadline
  • Task estimate units
  • Task actions and customization

Module 4: Project Planning – Schedule Dependencies

  • Schedule dependency relationships
  • Schedule dependency lags and leads      
  • Schedule dependency link/unlink
  • Schedule dependency customization

Module 5:Project Planning - Resources

  • Resource Definition and Types
  • Resource Views and Creation
  • Resource Information
  • Resource Calendars
  • Resource Assignment
  • Resource Removal and Replacement
  • Resource Costs
  • Resource Customizations

Module 6:Tracking

  • Baselines
  • Reports



Gain proficiency with the globally used project management software, Microsoft Project.

Highly interactive approach delivered by an experienced project manager known for their

Knowledge and expertise in using Microsoft Project to effectively manage projects.

Participants can use PMC laptops or personal laptops configured with Microsoft Project.

Introduction to Microsoft Project
MSP 2016 101(2days / 14.0PDUs)
  • Duration:2days
  • PDUs:14.0
  • Level:Beginner/Intermediate


Project Managers,  Project Control Officers, Team Members, Management, Executives


This course is designed to familiarize participants with all the basic features of Microsoft Project. It is unique in that the trainer has a broad practical knowledge of project management in addition to an in-­‐depth knowledge of the software. It is necessary to be familiar with Microsoft Office tools (e.g. Excel, Word). A basic knowledge of project management is an asset..


This course covers all the steps involved in planning a project using Microsoft Project. Throughout the course, participants work directly with this software and take part in workshops designed to allow them to experiment with key planning aspects.


Module 1:Project Management Notions

  • Basic project management concepts
  • The role of Microsoft Project in project management

Module 2:Presentation of Microsoft Project 2010

  • Launching the program
  • Overview of on-­‐screen displays
  • Menus and dialogue boxes
  • Project views

Module 3:Creating a Project

  • Creating a new project
  • Project calendar
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Creating a project outline
  • Customizing the interface
  • Workshop on project planning

Module 4: Managing Resources and Costs

  • Inputting resources
  • Scheduling resources
  • Allocating resources
  • Detecting overuse
  • Resolving conflicts with respect to overuse
  • Information on costs
  • Viewing tasks and costs
  • Workshop on managing resources and costs

Module 5:Customizing the Interface

  • Filters: Use and customization
  • Groups: Use and customization
  • Customization of Gantt diagrams
  • Customization of task flow charts
  • Filters: Use and customization
  • Groups: Use and customization
  • Customization of Gantt diagrams
  • Customization of task flow charts

Module 6:Multi-­‐Projects

  • Impacts and limits of the multi-­‐project approach
  • Workshop on the multiproject environment

BENEFITS: Conclusion

Integration of primary tools and techniques outlined in the PMBoK, using the most popular project management software on the market. Highly interactive approach delivered by an experienced project manager known for his/her knowledge of and expertise in project management software.


PMC can help you deploy best-in-class PPM methodologies, be they Agile, Classic, PRINCE2 or a hybrid model adapted to your needs.


Our experts can guide you in the implementation of PPM solutions.

Project Management Services

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Our courses cover topics ranging from project management competency, technology, and process in both official languages.

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