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How can I confirm my class is running as scheduled?

A confirmation email will be sent to you the week prior to the commencement of the class reminding you of the date, time and location of the class. If you have enrolled in a live virtual class, the confirmation email will also contain the link and login information for each user to gain access to their course. * If for any reason a class is cancelled the instructor will either send out an email or call you directly and a discount will be given to you for the next available course.


How and when will I receive my course certificate indicating my completion and PDUs?

Each student will receive a course certificate on the successful completion of each course he/she takes. In-class students will receive their certificate on the last day of class. Live virtual class and interactive online students certificates will be mailed out no more than one week after the class.


What are PDUs?

PDUs are Professional Development Units and can be used towards obtaining Project Management Institute credentials including your (PMP) Project Management Professional designation. PDUs can be earned in a variety of ways including attending PMI global seminars and events, training classes, project management seminars/webinars, and contributing to professional research papers. Every credential requires a specific amount of PDUs as well as to maintain the credential per three-year certification cycle. Follow this link to find out how many PDUs you need for your specific credentials.

Is the content of live virtual classes different from in-class training?

No, live virtual training content is the same as traditional in-class training. The same topics are covered in the same amount of detail. Live virtual training is done with a live instructor (not a PowerPoint Presentation) so you can ask questions while dictating the speed in which the course is being taught.

How do I participate and ask questions in a live virtual class?

Participation in a live virtual classroom setting can be done in several different ways. Students can use either a headset or use the built in microphone on their computer (if applicable) if they wish to physically speak to the instructor. The virtual classroom program used for training also has a chat room application where students can type in their questions and responses.

What do I need to run a live virtual class on my computer?

You will need access to a computer connected to the internet with a 1Mbps or faster internet connection, with a recent copy of Adobe Flash installed and speakers or headphones. A microphone is useful for interacting with the rest of the class. If you are attending a software course such as Primavera or Microsoft Project training, even if you already have the application to be learned installed on your computer, you will need to use our training versions which are accessible via Citrix. In order to connect to our Citrix environment you will need to have either a recent version of Java or the Citrix client installed. If you find your computer does not have java, you can download a free and safe copy from this link


What if I have setup problems before or during the course? How do I get help?

If for any reason you encounter problems at any time you can submit an email to our technical department at or to speak with someone directly call + 1 (613) 235-8075 ext.4 or toll free at 1-877-235-7607.


What is PMCA's policy on course cancellations and rescheduling

If for any reason you can not attend a course, we will credit your account which can be used for future training, workshops, software or services. This credit will expire one year after the original date of purchase. Refunds will only be given under certain conditions/circumstances. Rescheduling of a course can be done by calling +1 (613) 235-8075 or toll free at 1-877-235-7607 or by emailing


What methods of payment do you take?

PMC accepts Mastercard, Visa, Amex, cheques, and cash. We can also set-up an invoice system for companies. Contact our accounting department for further information +1 (613) 235-8075 or toll free at 1-877-235-7607.


PMC can help you deploy best-in-class PPM methodologies, be they Agile, Classic, PRINCE2 or a hybrid model adapted to your needs.


Our experts can guide you in the implementation of PPM solutions.

Project Management Services

PMC can provide you with project manager, project planner or project control officer (PCO) services on a contract or on a subscription basis.


Our courses cover topics ranging from project management competency, technology, and process in both official languages.

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