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Agile Project Management

PMC’s Agile Project Management training courses are for participants seeking to develop their skills and competency levels in Agile Project Management, an iterative and incremental method of managing projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner.

Our courses cover a wide range of Agile tools and techniques including Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean, Critical Chain, Kanban, and iterative planning and estimating techniques.

Adapt to Innovation with Agile Project Management
(1day / 7.0PDUs)
AK401 - Adapt to Innovation with Agile Project Management
  • Duration:1day
  • PDUs:7.0

Participants will be introduced to Agile Project Management to be applied in innovative, complex, and high uncertainty projects covering the following key topics:

  • Agile PM definition, history, and evolution
  • Key differences between Agile PM and Traditional PM
  • Agile manifesto, principles, and declaration of interdependence
  • Agile PM best-practices including adoption of most common approaches, realized benefits, and identified challenges
  • Common (non-Scrum) Agile PM practices and processes: XP (Extreme Programming), Lean, Kanban, Feature Driven Development
Sprint to Project Success with Agile Scrum
AA402(1day / 7.0PDUs)
  • Duration:1day
  • PDUs:7.0

Participants will learn how to increase project performance by leveraging Agile Scrum  covering the following key topics:

  • Scrum definitions and history
  • Scrum framework, artifacts, roles, and events
  • Sprint definition, perception, and guidelines
  • Sprint setup and planning activities
  • Sprint workflow and key responsibilities
  • Sprint Swarming
  • Team Velocity and Burndown Chart
  • Scrum of Scrums
Start and Finish on Target with Agile User Stories and Retrospectives
AK403(1day / 7.0PDUs)
  • Duration:1day
  • PDUs:7.0

Participants will learn how to projects effectively initiate and complete projects by applying Agile best-practises to manage project requirements and lessons learned covering the following key topics:

  • Various aspects of requirements management, perception and challenges
  • Agile user story definitions, benefits, roles, and personas
  • Applying the INVEST model to achieve high-quality user story attributes
  • User story creation components and format
  • User story prioritization and testing
  • Realization of a user story being completed with the definition of “Done”
  • Definition, benefits, and challenges involved in conducting Agile retrospectives
  • Key steps and tips involved in an Agile Retrospective framework
  • Various techniques in conducting efficient Agile Retrospectives
Optimize Project Schedule and Risk with Agile Estimation
AK404(1day / 7.0PDUs)
  • Duration:1day
  • PDUs:7.0

Participants will learn how to create optimal iterative risk tolerant project schedules by applying the learned best-practiced Agile estimating and risk management techniques covering the following key topics:

  • Product Vision and Roadmap
  • Release and Iteration Planning
  • Product Backlog Grooming
  • Agile Estimation, Units, and Relative Sizing
  • Planning Poker
  • Cone of Uncertainty
  • Organic Risk Management
  • Impediments List
  • Overt Risk Management
  • Risk Census and Burn-down chart
  • Risks in Agile project initiation/closure
Create High Performing Teams with the Agile 3C's:Communication, Cooperation, and Coaching
AH405(1day / 7.0PDUs)
  • Duration:1day
  • PDUs:7.0

Participants will learn how to maximize Agile team performance covering the following key topics:

  • Agile communication and collaboration concepts
  • Communication Models and Channels
  • Osmotic Communication
  • Constructive Feedback and Active Listening
  • Best practised visual controls used in Agile
  • Agile Coaching roles and techniques


PMC can help you deploy best-in-class PPM methodologies, be they Agile, Classic, PRINCE2 or a hybrid model adapted to your needs.


Our experts can guide you in the implementation of PPM solutions.

Project Management Services

PMC can provide you with project manager, project planner or project control officer (PCO) services on a contract or on a subscription basis.


Our courses cover topics ranging from project management competency, technology, and process in both official languages.

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