We have the capability to provide organizations with project management services on a contract or subscription basis.

The benefits of retaining the services of our agile practitioners and coaches, project managers, schedulers or control officers are:
  • No need to hire full-time staff; we offer the flexibility of full – or part-time support service.
  • No need to invest in training; our specialists are highly trained, and we will ensure they know your methodology or industry.
  • Scalability; you not only recruit one person; you gain access to our entire network of experts and our depth.
  • Benefit from over 20 years of experience in project management resource recruitment.

Below are typical tasks and responsibilities that can be carried out by our professional staffing services:

Agile Practitioners and Coaches

  • Coaching: Working with teams to institute, practice and adopt Agile tools and techniques. Identify and introduce opportunities for the team to improve through coaching and questioning.
  • Mentoring: Serve as a mentor to Scum Masters, Product Managers and other Agile leaders with an aim to make Agile techniques successful and efficient.
  • Training: Provide Agile and role- specific training (group and one-one) for management, team members, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters

Project Managers

  • Planning: Work with teams to clearly define project requirements and scope, define high level and detailed schedules, determine resource and budget requirements, identify and plan for potential risks, establish overall project management plan.
  • Monitoring and controlling: Provide status reports, ensure compliance of execution to the project management plans, identify potential corrective actions and required changes.
  • Communication: Communicate with clients, management, executives, vendors and other stakeholders. Lead and conduct status meetings with the team.

Project Control Officers, Planners and Schedulers

  • Planning: Establish detailed project schedules using Critical Path or Critical Chain Methods, determine time scaled budgets and create and maintain project baselines.
  • Monitoring and controlling: Prepare and maintain status reports, ensure reporting compliance by team members, validate work performance data, prepare project statuts reports. Document meeting minutes prepare agendas and coordinate status meetings.

If you’d like to know more about our services and how we can help improve your project performance.