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Oracle Primavera - Microsoft

Primavera Unifier

Maximize Productivity with Oracle's Primavera Unifier


  • Best-in-class cost control and project delivery and management capabilities
  • Real-time visibility across projects to make fast, accurate decisions
  • Easy monitoring, visualization, and adjustment of plans based on financial forecasts 
  • Manage project portfolios, control costs, manage collaboration and communication within and across projects.
  • Improve cost and cash management, project execution processes and capital planning
  • Document and store all types of communications between project participants throughout the duration of a project

History of Primavera Contract Controls

Since 1987, the Primavera product line included a contract control solution known first as Expedition, then later as Primavera Contract Management.  This system was used widely in the construction and engineering industry for managing contracts and changes, payment requisitions and invoices, records, such as drawings, submittals, transmittals and meeting minutes, and essentially all the details one needs to keep track of when managing a construction project.  Its strength was in the integration of its processes, and its ability to logically re-use data many times that was entered only once.  Its weakness was in its inability to effectively allows separate companies or organizations at arms-length to collaborate in the same system, as well as its requirement to rely on 3rd party systems for document management.

In 2012, Oracle purchased Skire – a dynamic platform that provided similar functionality to Primavera Contract Management, and boasted strong functionality in areas where the latter was particularly weak: customizable workflows, multi-corporate collaboration and security, and real document management.  Oracle immediately began to build project templates containing the standard business processes that both Contractors and Owners would require in a contract control system, thus allowing for a much quicker and less expensive journey to final system implementation. 

Oracle has retired all future development on Primavera Contract Management, and has renamed Skire to Primavera Unifier, now an integral and powerful component of the Oracle Primavera solution set for Engineering and Construction.


PMC can help you deploy best-in-class PPM methodologies, be they Agile, Classic, PRINCE2 or a hybrid model adapted to your needs.


Our experts can guide you in the implementation of PPM solutions such as Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project

Project Management Services

PMC can provide you with project manager, project planner or project control officer (PCO) services on a contract or on a subscription basis.


Our courses cover topics ranging from project management competency, technology, and process in both official languages.

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