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Since 1996, PMC has offered its customers a wide range of consulting, coaching, training, and professional staffing services and solutions in Project and Portfolio Management.

Our consultants and trainers offer specific recommendations and practical solutions, tailored to your unique business needs.

We specialize in the implementation of adaptive (Agile), predictive (Waterfall) and hybrid Project Management methodologies.

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What Makes PMC's Project Management Services Stand Out?

Our team of experienced consultants will help you optimize project deployment, operation and delivery. We will also assess and implement sustainable project management methodologies and practices tailored to your needs, and create and deliver a training and competency development program to achieve:

  • Effective and optimized project plans

  • Realistic and manageable project schedule

  • Appropriate project controls

  • Results on time and within budget

  • Increased efficiencies and cost reductions

  • Reduced disruption, risks and uncertainties

  • Better communication

  • Long-term strategy

  • Improved overall project and portfolio performance

At PMC, we understand that every client’s set of challenges is unique. That no two project environments are the same but that in the end, what we all aim to accomplish is very simple: better and faster projects, delivered more efficiently.


Our team of consultants, trainers and professionals are experts in project management maturity and organizational change management. We rely on our unique blend of proven methods and tailoring techniques to create and deliver solutions adapted to your needs. While we recognize the value of case studies with tried and tested standards and methods, we value adapting and combining specific tools and techniques to your needs and requirements more.

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